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    * Please Advice me about a High Speed 'No lag' Dedi provider

    Hello all,
    I'm looking for a good stable dedicated provider

    I need it for Game Hosting company
    so i need good Pings, high speed, Great RAMs, and unlimited bandwidth
    No lag at all ! Speed is what does matters the most

    about the budget.. i can pay up to $ 350 if needed

    is it possible to find the hosting provider that I'm looking for ?

    Thank you all

    Kind Regards, Night

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    Look for a good network first.

    You can get better pings by locating your server closer to your users and choosing optimized bandwidth. You can purchase servers in different locations and allow your users to choose one that's closest to them. Optimized bandwidth, like Internap, can lower your ping times. Quality bandwidth will be more expensive, so unlimited bandwidth is rarely an option.

    Once you have found a good network, the host should be able to accommodate you with the actual server hardware.
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    I'll let other more knowledgeable people provide you with information as to where you can find the server that meets your needs. But I just wanted to let you know that there is no such thing as "lag free". If you have a server in the East Coast of the US, someone with a dial up connection in the West Coast is going to lag. You can't provide a lag free connection from a single machine to the entire world. Just FYI. I pass this knowledge on to thee, now go forth and conquer.

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    thank you very much,
    #lchan, you are totally right, but I'm from Asia, to be exact, Saudi Arabia ( and most of my planed customers are )
    so the closest location would probably be like ... UK and Germany and Maybe US
    so it really doesn't matter, the ping rang is about 100 - 200
    But its all about the server performance, and would it be able to hold that amount of players at the same time without crashing or LAGGING or disconnecting players ...etc

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    Hostdime has a division in Israel, should be much closer to you, might want to PM their acct here. Egypt also has Dedi offerings. If you need any help let me know, i used to own a GSP till i sold it.
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    It would be a bad idea to Host n Israel ich1ban, most IP ranges are blocked in Aran countries or they wont give you any Service.

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    Most Middle East ISP peers @ NL/UK/DE. So ideally you would like to get it there.

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