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    Change server hostname, primary domain and accounts


    I have a dedi as and it has several websites. It also has nameservers as:

    Now, I want to change my domain to and nameservers to

    What are the steps that I should do to accomplish this without affecting the websites?

    Thank you

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    - To change Hostname, use the command : hostname

    - For changing nameservers, it depends on the nameserver software installed on your server (bind, nsd, or another one). If you have cPanel, just go to Main >> DNS Functions >> Nameserver IPs in your WHM, or execute the following command by SSH : /scripts2/listassignednsips

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    1. Set everything up for, make sure the DNS has been setup correctly.
    2. Change your host name and DNS as well. If you control the domains, then change them as well. Make sure you do not take down
    3. If all goes well, there will totally be no interruption of service at all during the transition because it's still on the same server and resolving it would still point to the same server.

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