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    Got banned by fdcserver

    My friend has been using fdcservers for 1 year. I recommended that to my friend.

    One day, some guy complaint that he tried to hack his site or something showing logs of multiple login accounts. The logs look like normal usage though. Gaps between attempts are minutes. The complainer doesn't mention his site, just the IP.

    Abuse department insist that the problem get fixed within 24 hours. First of all there could be no problem in the first place. Maybe something is wrong with the site. Then it's weekend.

    Till today the server is locked out the abuse department is not answering anymore.

    We got a vague complaint from nobody, and we're accused of abuse. It's not even clear what kind of abuse we do. Their AUP url cannot be opened.

    This is not fdcserver I know. We got like 1 complaint per month and they usually let us easy.
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    I think you can best arrange this further with FDC.
    Maybe wait for an answer tomorrow, since it's Eastern Monday today and a lot of companies don't seem to work. - Online in no time
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    FDC do not shut down a server for no reason, I had a few abuse complaints last year and they never shut any of my servers down.

    What are you running on the server and are you sure you have not been hacked?

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    Since you can't see them... here's the TOS and AUP direct from FDC website. I just copied the entire thing.

    Hope it helps you a little.
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    So you were constantly getting one abuse complaint per month? What was the server being used for? - Looking for HOT deals on cloud hosting services? We post 5 of the hottest deals every day! -> Click Here <-

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    Is 1 abuse per month a lot?

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