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    Selling links on Weight Watchers website

    Hi there,

    I am wanting to sell some text and banner links on my website:

    The website is a Weight Watchers Calculator website which allows users to enter food data and convert it into Weight Watchers Points.

    The website has been going for over a year now and is receiving traffic from Google search, Yahoo search and Bing, as well as direct hits. I am receiving around 200+ unique hits per month. I know this may not be a lot, but I am continually promoting the website to gain more traffic.

    I am selling text links (will be placed under the Google Adsense footer links) for $6 per month and a graphic banner (which will also be placed under the Adsense and will rotate between a maximum of 5 banners) for $10 per month.

    If anyone is interested, please get in contact.


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    Do you have any website with PR in same niche

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