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    PR 7 on Authority site: 580,000 back links, 34k Alexa, 88 SEOmoz

    Hi all,

    For sale: Text link on my high profile site (php portal with scripts and tutorials).

    Some info & stats:

    Pagerank: 7
    Domain Age: 7 Years
    SEOmoz Page Authority: 88
    mozRank: 7.40
    Total backlinks: 580,000
    Alexa: 34k
    Monthly hits: 5,500,000 million

    The link will be placed above the fold and is very visible to visitors, so besides the juice you will also receive real & targeted visitors. Google changed its algorithme and places much more weight on links that are actually clicked on.

    There are currently no other links placed to external sites, and I will only sell 5 (so a total of 5 external links for maximum link juice and ranking potential). You also have the possibility to be the only external link by paying to exclude others from buying.

    While not the cheapest, you will get much more value than if you were to buy text links on 100+ of other sites (sites that sell 20-30 text links and give you little or no ranking boosts), thus saving you a lot of money in the end.

    Ideal for hosting providers looking to see real ranking benefits.

    Price is $2500 for 6 months.

    PM me if you are interested.

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    I added the option to pay per month: 499$ .
    1 link sold, 4 available.

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    it sounds attracted. but $2500 is a little bit expensive. can you do it better. my website is , can you help me to promote my website?

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