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    * California Supermicro Servers i3-530/4GB/2x500GB/KVM,100Mbps Dedi-unmeter 30TB $129

    Class-A Server (7 in stock for 12hr setup)

    Supermicro Server Platform
    i3-530 4x2.93Ghz
    4GB DDR3-1333Mhz Ram
    2x500GB WD Black Drive - Enterprise Class
    Dedicated Remote Reboot & Remote KVM
    100Mbps Dedicated Bandwidth
    Unmetered Bandwidth (33TB IN+33TB Out)
    5 IP Address Included
    Location : Fremont CA (West Coast)
    Price: $129/month, $299/Quarter
    Zero Setup fee

    Order Here

    Operating System
    Your Choice of Linux OS Free
    Windows 2003 32bit standard $15/month Enterprise $25/month
    Windows 2008 32 or 64 bit Standard $25/month Enterprise $45/month
    Self Managed Servers , Includes free OS Reload
    **Extra IP Space at $1.00/IP with justification.
    Proactive server monitoring
    99.9% Guaranteed Uptime.
    Guaranteed bandwidth or your money back.

    Location: Fremont CA (West Coast)
    Datacenter: HE.Net Hurricane Electric Facility
    Ping/Trace route IP Address:
    Test download
    Bandwidth: Pure HE Bandwidth

    Ping Report

    India-236ms | New Zealand-166ms | Shanghai China-150ms
    San Francisco-2.5ms | Chicago-57ms | New York-80ms
    Singapore-180ms | Sydney-160ms | Melbourne-175ms
    London-150ms | Amsterdam-167ms Japan-100ms HK-231ms

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    Do you have DDOS protect ? If the server has been attack by DDOS, what you will do ?

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    sorry we do not have DDOS protection in place, we disconnect the server for a period based on how large the attack is , if you are aware of known ddos attack, ours is not the right place to be.

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