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    Suggest a premium VPS provider in Europe

    Hello WHT members.

    We are looking for a VPS (or equivalent) in Europe, here are some of our key requirements :

    Location: western europe (Spain, Portugal, France, UK, NL...) as we need good ping to north africa.
    Hardware: we don't need a lot of performance or CPU, but we need the best quality server grade hardware and network setup for reliability (no SATA drives...) + great uptime.
    Support: VPS should be fully managed and quality support is important.
    Specs: 1 Gb RAM - 20-40 Gb HDD (RAID 10) - WHM/cPanel - 200 Gb BW
    Backup: frequent offsite backups are the minimum, more robust or CDP backups would be perfect as we cannot afford to lose data and we might need partial restores.
    Budget: We are flexible on budget as long as we find the right host.

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    Check website. They have very good managed cPanel VPS in the UK. - Flexible Solutions
    Linux VPS, Windows VPS and Xen VDS
    USA, Germany and Russia Data-centers

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    FutureHosting in the UK! And use Webbycart for remote backups!

    A 2GB VPS and 120GB Webbycart backups will stand you around 65 USD in total!

    I'm in Southern Spain and I get excellent speeds.....check THIS!

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    I recommend eUKhost

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    Thanks for your help!
    After comparing the above mentionned providers, my current preference goes to FutureHosting, any other suggestions or reasons I shouldn't go with FH?

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    No. Go with them. I am, as always, with XTremo concerning FH...

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