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    how can i creat a ELiTES Download FTP Server ?

    hey guys i have a forum and i wanna make a ELiTEs download media server with direct links for the members who pay .. what servers do u recomment to take such a big bandwedith and in a good price too

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    Go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200.

    You will need a server with at least a gigabit port, and the ftp daemon you want to use is glftpd or ioftpd at a stretch if you run windows. You will also need many TB sotrage to make it worthwhile (8 to 12tb I would think). I suggest you look at Ecatel and Woldstream although never tell the provider what you are doing with the server and encrypt the whole FTP file system and enforce FTP encryption for auth and data.

    Really this is a stupid idea in my opinion.
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    I agree with Topgun, Your going to be hosting illegal contents, it's not wise!

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