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    Magento Go vs Shopify vs BigCommerce

    I've tried the free trials for all three and have found all three very easy to use an customize.

    However, which one(s) are most realistically expandable?
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    Magento is easy to use and most realistically expandable for me.
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    i agree nancysmith. Magento is far more flexible and leading in ecommerce system, however it will depend on what functionality you are looking for your online shop.

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    He's talking about Magento Go, Not Magento Community/Professional/Enterprise. You can't customize Go like you can the others nor do you have access to the all modules the others do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miliscent View Post
    He's talking about Magento Go, Not Magento Community/Professional/Enterprise. You can't customize Go like you can the others nor do you have access to the all modules the others do.
    That's right. Magento Go is as different from other deployed editions as it can get.

    Magento Go is a SaaS platform where you don't worry about the infrastructure and platform. It's a great one. You would spend quite some time to learn it but once you get it, it'd be a very powerful eCommerce solution.

    The frustration part is their support - it's practically ridiculous and anything but responsive. They not only don't answer your tickets, they even DELETE them. I paid $99 for my SSL to be installed 3 days ago, and after almost 10 tickets (they only responded to 3 of them and DELETED another 3 of them, including the one attached with the SSL certificate files I sent to them), one live chat session and quite a few complaints posted at their Get Satisfaction board, I'm still hanging here waiting for the SSL to be installed for me.

    They probably only care about the top paying clients.

    Seems I'm not alone on this: http://www.shoppingcartsforwebsites....nto-go-review/
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    We just did a big review of Shopify but I can't post the link here. (Made a big mistake the other day and got a warning from the administrator).

    I've reviewed both Big Commerce and Shopify but not Magento. Because of that I have to give you fair warning about that first.

    I just wanted to point out that (I believe) Magento is a PHP based cart that you locally host. If that’s the case, it means you have the source code available. So if you are looking to build custom functionality you should theoretically be able to do it.

    Shopify and Big Commerce are remotely hosted so you can't edit the code. Although, with that said, Shopify does have an app store. I didn't get a chance to dig too deep into the Shopify app store API.

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    i use Magento built a site, i find its seo is very good, but its speed is very slow, is this problem caused by hosting? or Magento itself?

    how to make it run faster?
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    Having experience of using Magento and Shopify, (I had migrated to magento not long ago with Cart2Cart service, as I was looking for a tool, to avoid manual data transfer) I can say, that sHOPPIFY has very user-friendly Content Management System, great design facilities, number of free templates... You will be able to promote your store via social media and get target traffic on your Internet store.
    Shopify is recommended for eCommerce beginners. Comparing with Magento, I can say, that it is mostly for big stores, and enterpreneurs with a good programing skils. Thus is you are ready to risk- you will get great opportunities for business growth and development.
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    i'd recommend Shoppify
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    When it comes to shopping carts and I have to use a pre-built solution the first two names that come into mind are Magento and Shopify.

    However, it all depends on what route you want to take.

    If you are interested in hosting the shopping cart yourself, Magento is a great choice. It has a lot of features, a great customisation engine, and most importantly, it's backed by a great and active community. On the other hand, if you do not want to host the shopping cart, Shopify is a great choice. It's simple to use and well designed.
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    I'd go with Magento, but it's a personal choice. I like it all under my own control so I have to go with self-hosted. For me it's not a choice between Magento / Shopify / Bigcommerce but self-hosted / hosted / hosted.

    Still, you have to take care with self-hosted, knowing your traffic and being prepared for surges, etc. It's not difficult, just a case of being set up properly.
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    I would also recommend to use Magento. One of the great feature is to see the most viewed products from the backend. By knowing which products you sell the most.
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    I can give my vote for Magento Go. One basic advantage of Magento Go Development over its parent software is it does not need any servers for management. It also scores over basic version on ease of operation. It is the most structured version of Magento.
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    I will prefer Magento because it is easy installer and expandable.
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    vote for Bigcommerce

    If I had to choose I'd give preference to bigcommerce. it offers lot's ofb features, it is convenient and support seems to be the best in the industry. hosted solutions all look the same first but when you start working with it you find trivia which eventually makes difference. with shopify these are transaction fees and lack of features so you have to add them with extensions. as a result - lot's of hidden costs.
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    + vote for Magento commerce. Its growing popularity is a result of the positive impressions that users have for its features. It has, among others, a wide array of options. It is because of these options that Magento was able to topple down thousands of its competition.
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    Magento is the best eCommerce Cart for Shopping Portal or Online Shopping eCommerce Website. OpenCart is another best program for shopping cart or online shopping eCommerce Website.
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    Arrow Magento Go vs Shopify vs BigCommerce

    I think all of these shopping carts have their pros and cons.
    Before you make a choice try to realize what you expect from your store. Do you need customizable solution or "ready to go" shopping cart?

    ● Hosted platform: hosting, security, support, etc.
    ● Prefect product management
    ● Arsenal of marketing tools
    ● Many shipping/payment options
    ● Excellent solution for nontechnical users, start-ups and small business

    ● 100+ free templates
    ● Themes can be customized via user-friendly editor and CSS/HTML files
    ● Feature rich
    ● CMS capabilities
    ● Mobile commerce
    ● Security and support

    ● Intuitive and user-friendly
    ● One of the most feature-rich hosted carts (SEO, marketing, product management, SMM, mobile commerce, design, save abandoned carts, etc.)
    ● Security, support, extensions
    ● Stable, no bugs
    ● Built-in business analytics + integration with Google Analytics

    Good luck
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