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    Photon VPS Review

    I told you guys how Photon VPS has mediocre support

    Well my experience with there support has gone from ok to bad.

    What's going on with my VPS server now is memory usage. I've been getting a lot of downtime in the last 5 days. Their tech support says to either optimize apache or upgrade plan. Well we just optimized apache a few days ago yet still getting down time.

    So the next thing to do is upgrade right? Well I don't feel like paying more money, but I guess it's a must to have my websites working. Well I told them to upgrade me from XEN Warp 3 to XEN Warp 4. Now they come back saying there's no room on the server.

    I also told them this "Look at it from my experience, if you say you can't provide something you advertise "upgrade" and costing me money because of downtime, this will be going up on a review site."

    I'm thinking, you say upgrade and advertise the WARP 4 package on your website, but yet they tell me they can't upgrade. "Currently we are out of space on current node. So we cannot upgrade your vps. As soon as we get a new node, we will shift your vps to new machine."

    I ask how long it will be before I can upgrade? They say "we cannot give you the estimate time. But new vps main node machine will online soon."

    There support is kind of slow with answering questions too. And you have to dig to find out the root of the problem, they don't tell you that your server is going down due to memory usage. Which I can understand because of semi-managed, but they do need to work on support.
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    Ditch apache, get nginx.
    nginx is a light-weight server that can do (most) of what apache does while using far lesser resources.

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    I'm just astonished how bad support is with PhotonVPS when a big problems arises. They are too slow and the amount of down time I've had with them in the five days, I really should of migrated my sites to a different company a long time ago!

    This is the worst amount of down time I have ever had with them. This is not the first though, I've had down time with them previous times and it takes sometime before they work on the problem.

    I'm looking for a new VPS shortly!

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    From the sounds of it you're the one using more resources than you have, causing downtime?

    While it is unfortunate that photonvps don't have room to upgrade ATM, it doesn't sound like they are responsible for your downtime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NPSF3000 View Post
    From the sounds of it you're the one using more resources than you have, causing downtime?

    While it is unfortunate that photonvps don't have room to upgrade ATM, it doesn't sound like they are responsible for your downtime.
    Pretty good argument, I may be using up more resources than I have.

    But I just find that there support can be slow at times. And the thought that it's been going on for 5 days yet they can't find a resolution and I'm willing to pay is bad on there part.

    They provide a resolution such as upgrade from one of there techs, I then take it, then they don't have room is pretty bad on there part from my point of view. That's what pissed me off!

    I haven't totally given the company a bad review, like I said I've been with them for two years, I just find that they handled this kind of poorly.

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    Your VPS is exceeding resources which is causing you random crashes along with stability issue. Our technician indicated that there was no space
    meaning we could not deploy the package you needed at that time. Please note we sell out pretty fast on the weekends and very little deployment is done on the weekend in terms of nodes.

    As of now we have nodes powered on and would be glad to shift you if you need. I see Tim made some suggestions within our internal ticket. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

    Please note you have the ability to reboot / reload VPS with your control panel. I reviewed the tickets and everything had been answered within 30 min or less which is what we advertised.
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    I have to say I might of went overboard. Over the years you guys have provided good support for me.

    I still think you guys could of handled this a little better, some questions were answered after an hour or so.

    I apologize for my impatience, but it makes me a bit angry since I lose money every hour the site is down. I'm definitely going with your WARP 4 package in a few weeks. And Debian 32 bit so less memory is used.

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