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Thread: Tunnel traffic

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    Tunnel traffic

    We currently host our main website on a dedicated server located in Europe, but not in the same EU country where our visitors are from.

    For different reasons we want the main website to respond to a country specific IP number.

    Because of this we want to tunnel the traffic through a VPS server located in the same country where we want the IP to respond --> to our main server.

    I understand the best way would be to do this from a hardware router? As we don't have access to any hardware router we need to find another solution.

    What's the best solution here...

    DNS tunnel or open VPN?

    Both the main server and the VPS run Ubuntu.

    Will we lose speed and performance if we route the traffic, or will it not be noticeable?

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    The Pirate Bay does this i believe. OpenVPN-AS would be good.

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    how dynamic is your site? you're trying to basically do geodns or something?

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    I have not yet tried geodns, try to find out what's best before i get in to action!

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    Not looking for anonymity, just want a country specific IP related to SEO.

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    easiest would be a vpn between the servers - however you need to be using a routed IP range on the source/originating server (this would likely be a secondary or additional IP range on the server) - you would use 2 ips in that range (a /31 subnet) for the openvpn tunnel, with 1 IP for each end of the tunnel.
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    Thank you very much for helpfull feedback, any ideas about caching server , do you also think we need this to minimize the data transfer?

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    Do you need the tunneled trafic to be encrypted too? If not, a simple GRE tunel would provide the least overhead.

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    Caching server would be the best idea in order to actually properly benefit from the solution. There are a few make your own CDN solutions out there, you should consider them.

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    Again thanks a lot for feedback. I don't need any encryption, will read more about GRE tunnel and caching server!

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    If you are not interested in caching or anything advanced, the very light solution for tunneling is HAProxy.

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    If you don't need to tunnel the traffic for security (i.e. if it's just a public website) something like Squid or Apache used as a reverse proxy would achieve what you need.

    As someone else has pointed out HAProxy will also do the job.

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    Varnish would also do the job and likely perform much better than any of the mentioned options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkitchen View Post
    If you don't need to tunnel the traffic for security (i.e. if it's just a public website) something like Squid or Apache used as a reverse proxy would achieve what you need.

    As someone else has pointed out HAProxy will also do the job.
    You could also transmit the data over a ssl certificate with just nginx.
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    As far as software goes I would recommend Vyatta for tunneling. It is specially designed for routing and VPNs. It is the best thing outside of a dedicated hardware vpn.

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    I'm not smart enough to enter into this discussion but mininova used www lighttpd dot net

    I don't want to hijack the thread but are any of these technologies useful to speed up servers that are used to handle popunder traffic?
    I approve this message.

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