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    WHMCS to create account without a control panel.

    Hello All!

    We are setting up a service and because we only need a Linux account with SSH don't want to use any kind of control panel. I contacted WHMCS and they only support a server with control panels. The idea of this is when a user orders a account WHMCS will tell the server to set the account up and use the password created by the user. Also would like it if when the user updates the WHMCS password it updates the server password. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!!!

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    It is possible to create your own plugin for WHMCS which will provision a custom account type however you would need to write a script to set up the user account on the Linux box, and I have no idea how todo it, but perfectly possible. However remember it is not supported, so if it all goes belly up you may be left up the stream without a paddle.



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