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    * please, your impression on this template

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to launch my own design business in my country

    I would like have some first impression on the draft, see if people like it or not

    costumers target are small/mid size companies and want offer high level design with a particulare care of the details and the graphic part, do you feel this will fit to the purpose?

    I want show an "above the average" design to impress the clients

    any comment will be very appreciated.
    thanks in advance to everyone

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    Its Really good Koilos, The only issue I see would be the dis-proportioning of the Design & Development,maybe balancing it with something else would make it fit better. Aside from that Your creativity level is Excellent!

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    thank you , I'm working with a very skilled friend of mine. That is the very early stage and the block on the left has to be balanced with a preview of our works on the right.

    looking at it now, the lights and the header on the top are "flat"

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