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  1. #1 don't give the server

    we've paid for the server but we still have not recived it they don't answer to our letters. Does anybody have this situation?

    They debited the sum from the balance but didn't provide the server us and don't answer to our letters. How can return money to the card?

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    UK2 is a pretty well known provider, I don't think they would scam you. Have you tried calling them?

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    I doubt UK2 have scammed you, checked your spam folder?
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    How long has it been since you placed an order? Keep in mind it is a holiday weekend so things might be a bit delayed.

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    how long have you been waiting for the server now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErikD View Post
    How long has it been since you placed an order? Keep in mind it is a holiday weekend so things might be a bit delayed.
    Correct - it's the Easter weekend here in the UK and I wouldn't be surprised if UK2 sales are off or operating on skeleton staff.

    Easter weekend is the 22nd till the 26th, also I would expect the same type of operation next weekend for the Royal Wedding.
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    It is also very odd how you seem to have a problem with every service provider that you encounter. Just checked your previous posts, and it pretty much seems that you sir have a terrible bad luck, or you don't really like a bunch of hosting providers out here.

    I'm not implying anything, but uk2 is a very well known provider around, and i highly doubt they would scam not just you but anyone at all.
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    I used to have servers with UK2 and as the other guys in this thread say, they are not a scam. In fact I experienced some of the best service I have ever had while being with UK2.

    I only left them because I needed a place where I could access the servers physically because of special hardware appliances.
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    677 is not a scam, by the way, I have seen a toll free number in contact us page, why don't you call them? It would be better I think.

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    UK2 are one of the most reputable companies out there.

    They should have had some notice set up to inform you they were closed for the bank holidays after you placed your order (ie. follow-up email), but something tells me you won't be disappointed when their offices open tomorrow.
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    UK2 are not a scam. They most likely just have limited staff due to Easter weekend is all.

    You need to be a little patient. I am sure it will be worth the wait.

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    Just be patience, I'm sure you'll get your server / answer tomorrow - Online in no time
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    Being the Easter holidays and also a UK company they probable don't have many of their billing / sales staff in to manage your letters / emails. You may want to phone them as people have said above as they may have a small number of staff in to handle calls.

    Also do allow a couple working days for your server... but if you feel like they have "scammed" you talk to them over the phone. I think you can even visit their offices to speak with some one (unsure but could check).

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    London location orders are processed a little slower as then have a lot of orders in their London DC. Drop TOM an email, he should get it resolved for you.

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    the server no longer need

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