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    Internet Explorer keeps bringing up Trusted Sites popups (Windows Server 2008 VPS)

    I recently got a Windows VPS with Windows Server 2008, and keep getting popups about Trusted Sites and Enhanced Security Configuration, particularly for file downloads. I keep having to add sites as trusted.

    Under the Security tab in IE, the Internet slider is stuck at High and I can't change it. Same for the Restricted sites slider, it is also stuck at High. I unchecked "Enable Protected Mode" for both zones and restarted IE but that didn't help.

    How can I stop these popups from displaying/un-grey out the security sliders?

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    In the Server Manager
    Click "Server Manager" top left
    Under "Security Information" click "Configure IE ESC"
    Change to "Off" as required
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    Thanks I couldn't find Security Information under any of the tabs on the left, but it was under the Server Summary on the right.

    After turning this Off for both Administrator and users, the Restricted Sites slider is still greyed out as High, however the Internet slider is movable and the security popups don't appear anymore.

    Whenever I start IE though I get a message that says "Protected mode is currently turned off for the Internet and Restricted sites zones. Click here to open security settings." Will this message always appear or is there a way to disable it?

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