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    Problem With Vmware

    Dear members
    I have problem with my server , I want to install vmware esxi 4.1
    they dont ping please help me , please

    if you have had yahoo mesnger id please give for chatting thnaks

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    Whats the issue you are having besides the ping? This is a VPS section, I assume your installing that on your Dedicated Server and what your saying is when you launch them they don't ping or resolve?

    Sounds like a IP problem, that your IP's are assigned to your dedicated instead of configured propertly / released in your ipconfig. I would check your settings with your IPs, Just because you assign a IP address through SolusVM and what not does not mean it's going to assign it for you if there not correctly setup and configured within your server/networking it self.

    You can feel free to ask any question's here and I'll be glad to answer for you, but we are not allowed to have you contact us for these kind of things for rules (I'm not sure if that stands for provider(s) to eligible clients to ask about services, but I believe we are not allowed to provide "hey contact me here", on this section).

    I helped someone out bout a week ago with the same issue and corrected him, but he was running most likely a different setup due to what he wanted to offer his clients but it always came back to his ipconfig/networking wasn't property setup. Meaning all his IP addresses were assigned to the 'dedicated server', instead of the Virtual machine container/slice whatever you wanna call it.

    Do me a favor, and this will let me know if I'm correct.. On the VM you created with the NEW IP address, Try logging in through SSH (puTTy) or (bitvise) to the IP address as root@$ip and instead of typing the Virtual Machine's assigned root password, type the dedicated server root password, if it logs you into the dedicated server then it's the IPs, if not then it's something else and feel free to let me know and I will further help you to fix your problem.

    Have a lovely Easter.
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    FusionNET, he appears to be using ESXi which SolusVM doesn't support.

    bravia200920, please use the VMWare forums/support channels, you'll probably get much better assistance.

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