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    100pulse (website monitoring service) down?

    Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum but I didn't know where to post it. Please move it to the right place if necessary.

    I'm using to monitor two of my websites and noticed that since yesterday their service and even their website seem to be down: 502 Proxy Error.

    Does anyone know what's up with

    Tom Tomson

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    You don't have a phone # for them? I googled it and this is what I came up with +91-(0)422-6547769

    Hope it helps "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    Thank you for the reply. I'm only using their free service (limited to 2 websites) to monitor the uptime of two very cheap hosting accounts I've purchased recently. So no need to call them, because if it's a server problem they should be very busy at the moment.

    But maybe someone here at WHT is using the (paid) services of 100pulse and has already some detailed information.

    Tom Tomson

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    Dis would be your place:
    Try giving them a call anyway. You technically still are a customer of theirs free or not free.

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    Hopefully the uptime readings wont be skewed when they come back online! Personally if it's been over a day and the issue is persistent, I'd be a little concerned, free account or not. Do they have a contact number to call or support e-mail?
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    If their servers are down the email probably won't help. I did find a phone number and yes, I agree, free or not I think I'd call and ask what is going on. "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    It's a phone number in India, but maybe I should really call them tomorrow for some information.

    Because it's strange, a traceroute to with the IP and the hostname seems to work fine, but their website gives this 502 Error Message:

    Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server

    Additionally, a 502 Bad Gateway error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Tom Tomson

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    UPDATE - the 100pulse monitoring service is up again!

    Between April 22 to April 25 there was no monitoring for about 58 hours! But the downtime didn't have any negative effect on the uptime statistics.

    No information about their downtime on their twitter account or in their support forum. I will continue using their free service but by sure I won't upgrade to their paid services after this experience.

    Tom Tomson

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    Why complaining a free service ?

    Try as your alternative

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    Quote Originally Posted by PureVM View Post
    Why complaining a free service ?
    100pulse also offers paid services with more features. The paid accounts should have been affected by the downtime of 58 hours, too.

    You should see the free accounts as promotion for the service. If the customer is happy with the free service he may upgrade to a paid account with more features later.


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