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    Difficult Problem to Solve (Godaddy VPD?)

    Our constantly shutting down web server.
    It's hosted with godaddy - yes, we know - and we need proper diagnosis on why our server goes down when there is no significant load.

    It has 1GB non-burstable mem, 500gb traffic (we don't yet come close) and I'm not sure on the CPU allowance
    I have free cpanel that I disable in SSH, as well as their tomcat55 service. I use memhog to free up 200M

    Server is optimized on a linux with apache and nginx load balancing, but apache just keeps using stuff up, and this is particularly annoying and obvious when the server has NO load at all from users/traffic/administration (like adding products or editing).

    Server never seems to use more than 50% of available ram yet it still goes down at indeterminate intervals.

    No one can figure out what the issue is.

    I've got one guy telling me I need a dedicated box. I have another guy telling me it's PHP code, still another guy is telling me that it's mysql query running up against apache, another admin believes it's a kernel issue, another believes it's hardware, but it is the same, when the server is not under any major load it goes down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Godaddy support posted this
    I understand that you have been experiencing issues with Simple Control Panel crashing on the Virtual Dedicated Server 'Umnitza'. After reviewing your server, I did find that Simple Control Panel had crashed again after our last review several hours ago. During our last review, we found that the 'rsyslog' service was stopped, which will prevent information from being passed to the server's logs for additional troubleshooting on this. We started this service, and several hours later, very little information regarding this issue is present. I was able to determine while plenty of RAM is available on the system, both Apache and MySQL seem to either have extremely long running processes, or are consuming a large amount of CPU per process. Below is an excerpt of system resources in use at various times during my review.

    15842 apache 15 0 72496 20m 9436 S 48.3 2.0 0:10.12 httpd
    16109 apache 15 0 74328 22m 9476 S 47.0 2.2 0:04.33 httpd
    15799 apache 16 0 72292 20m 9432 R 44.6 2.0 0:17.23 httpd
    5272 mysql 18 0 48984 20m 4156 S 4.3 2.0 18:51.15 mysqld

    15799 apache 15 0 73296 21m 9476 R 94.6 2.1 0:20.57 httpd
    16109 apache 16 0 74328 22m 9480 R 44.0 2.2 0:05.76 httpd
    5272 mysql 15 0 48984 20m 4156 S 4.3 2.0 18:51.51 mysqld

    As you can see, various Apache processes are consuming upto 90%, per process, of your CPU at any given time. This is more than likely the source of your issues with other services, such as Simple Control Panel, crashing at various points. I would recommend reviewing the Apache error logs to determine if any errors in your site are responsible for this resource usage. Additionally, you may wish to consider enabling the slow query logs for MySQL for additional information on why certain MySQL processes are running for so long.
    Could someone here tell me what to look for? I doubt it's a godaddy issue, but I also doubt it's a php code issue. Is there a way to force apache to use only 10% maximum utilization? Our site runs very quickly when it's up and when there is load, but when it's unloaded, it simply crashes.

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    It seems that this issue is of the node, their node is over utilized and there should be more vps on the node and its falling short of resources and so you are facing this issue, please contact them and tell them to move your vps to more stable node. If they are not willing to do it, move to some other service provider.

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    Troy K. - Server Concierge: Upon review of the account and tickets associated with it, I do not show the issue you are experiencing is related to the parent server, but your instance specifically.
    ...sigh, they don't admit much.

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    Their VPS servers are terrible, we usually keep servers outside our own network for backups, monitoring and redundancy purposes. We made the mistake of going with GoDaddy for a Windows VPS. Aside from the terrible support, the VPS node was extremely oversold and had a ridiculous laggy remote desktop connection. We cancelled after a few months.
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    Try measuring your harddisk performance when the issue occurs, it's likely that this is the main factor being oversold.

    This should help you:
    hdparm -tT /dev/sda
    It might not be /dev/sda, it's usually the first shown by this command:
    df -h | awk -F ' ' '{print $1}' | grep /

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    GoDaddy just sucks period. Good luck.

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    What are you currently paying for your VPS? I think at this point the best move would be to simply move your website to a more stable VPS. Because it definitely sounds to me like its a go-daddy issue.
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