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    Looking for sales/management/customer service job

    ** The following is reposted after waiting almost a month for a new partner to do his end of the deal. Please do NOT contact me if there is not a working site or you are not serious about the hosting industry or your company**


    My name is Andy I'm currently seeking a job as either a Sales or Account manager. I specialize in creative marketing as well as customer retention. I've worked for several companies in a variety of niches.

    I'm an expert when it comes to demographics and niche specialization and promotion.

    Do not throw your precious advertising funds away and not get sufficient results!

    PM me or email me @ and rew r an d e r son @ *no spaces*

    I am available to start TODAY. So don't delay!

    Thanks in advance,
    Andrew Anderson
    Sales Manager

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    I'm interested (
    However I'm wanting a partnership, not an employee.

    We're a very new web-host, but I've been working hard and have a few servers available.
    I want to expand fast, and get upto competition with no time wasted.

    If you have any suggestions, I'm at mail(@)intelliserve(.)org

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