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Thread: IP order limits

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    IP order limits

    I've had to deal with a few orders recently requesting 3+ additional IPs in addition to the standard 1/2 IP addresses we traditionally provide with our VPSes. Those orders tend to sit close to the MaxMind fraudulent order threshold we have setup in WHMCS, so I thought I'd ask for a bit of feedback from other VPS & Shared Hosting providers.

    1) Do you limit the maximum number of IPs a client can purchase during the order process, and if so, to how many?

    2) Given the shortage of IPv4 addresses, do you limit plans to having a maximum number of IP addresses assigned to them, and if so, is this limit raised for long standing clients?

    3) If you're happy to divulge this, in terms of the 'new' fraud score system, what's your MaxMind fraud score threshold for an order being marked as 'fraud'?

    Currently, a high fraud score allowing an order to process plus a large IP address order on signup is a no-go for us, but I'm curious to see what everyone else is doing.

    Thanks in advance.
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    When I used Max Mind I screened everything manually and did phone verification when I felt it was necessary. That alone made there virtually no fraud.

    As far as limiting Ips. I do inquire as to the reason for so many. Sometimes when it has to do with custom name servers or SSL I'll allow it. If its for pro
    xys the answer is always "No".

    Communication is key and I wish you great success with your decision.
    Andrew Anderson
    Sales Manager

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