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    Exclamation advise the hosting in the Netherlands

    Good afternoon, guys!
    I beg to advise hosting in the Netherlands.
    Only I beg to recommend reliable and proven company.
    Thank you in advance.

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    leaseweb is the first company come in my mind of course.

    Edit : if you need dedicated servers
    Simplest way to host your website

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    Quote Originally Posted by XSLTel View Post
    leaseweb is the first company come in my mind of course.

    Edit : if you need dedicated servers
    Thanks !

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    Thank you very much. Looked at their proposal for Web hosting. Their plan is to Linux Gold - pricey. I need something around 5 GB, 20 sites, 20 data bases.

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    For webhosting located on a server in the Netherlands
    you could check

    Not much info about them at WHT, I've only found one
    thread with a very positive review:

    At the moment they have some good offers here at WHT.
    I have no experience with so far but
    I've put them on my watching list for future reference.

    Tom Tomson

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    Thank you. I found another hosting company:
    who can say anything about them??

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    LateHosting seems to be a very new company with their domain registered in January 2011. Could be difficult to find reviews about them after such a short time.

    Tom Tomson

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    DownTownHost also have servers in the Netherlands I've been very happy with them, should be plenty reviews around on the site

    They also have some offers posted on the site I believe so check that out.

    Good Luck
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    You could also use a Netherlands VPS with IntoVPS ( ).
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