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    35 review-not good and not bad-[2 monthes]

    I know that provider low end VPS from some BBSes, and tried them. And now 2 monthes passed.

    Everything seem OK, incloud uptime, VPS performance, ticket answered, I thinked it is really a good low end VPS provider.

    Except these two things:

    The first thing. Beause I think they are good, so I ordered another VPS in another account, but this new VPS is not so stable.

    When I SSH to this VPS and command "reboot", it poweroff and then (maybe) down there and just can not boot up by itself, the only way to boot it up is to login VPS control panel and boot it by mouse click.

    So, I ticketed to to report this problem and believe they can solve it, but I disappointed. It seemed that they don't sovle this problem, they just reboot my VPS manually, and then told me it was completed. So when I SSH and command "reboot" again, the VPS down again.

    I ticketed they about this problem at least 3 times, and it still didn't solved. At last, I had no idea except asked they to transfer this VPS to another node.

    After transfer, this VPS is stably now.

    The second thing. They reply the ticket very slowly when something happened that they can not solve it immediately.

    About 10 days ago, said that they had to maintain the server and to keep it at a high performance, and after their maintenance, my VPS was destroied.

    I ticketed them at least 4 or 5 times, and waited their reply for at least 24 hours, but no reply. I had noidea except ask them at WHT, you can see this ask at this link: But still didn't relpy even at WHT, just like they wear disappeared.

    I was hopeless and thansfer my site to another provider.

    But the day before yesterday (10 days passed, 2011-4-12 to 2011-4-22), they replied me and tell me that my VPS is back and working.

    Then I logined the VPS, and found that my VPS is working and the dates were all there.

    It is unbelievable!!!

    Oh, I think give a big joke.

    So, that's all my experience.

    Anyway, is really cheap, a $1.04/M plan:

    * 30 GB Disk Space
    * 200 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    * 256 MB Dedicated RAM
    * 0.3 Ghz CPU
    * 1 IP Address
    * Linux OS

    What can I say. Use this low price to preserve a company, it is really difficult!

    And what the estimable, althrough 10 days has passed, they still bring my VPS and my date back, with such a low price!!!

    Tips: Because I am in Asian and the time differences, the time is not so precise.

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    Thanks for the review! Glad to hear that they haven't lost any of your data. Budget providers are definitely becoming better and better.

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