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    * VolumeDrive 1 Month Review

    A short and sweet review as I am too tired to post a detailed one.

    I was among the few hundreds who get to grab their best deal in WHT as per this thread here.
    It was a hard decision for me as I didn't know if they were trustable, but I just went ahead and order as I have nothing to lose due to the low prices.

    Intel Xeon X3450 2.66 Ghz (8 logical cores)
    8 GB DDR3 ECC 1333 Memory
    250 GB SATA Hard Drive
    250 GB SATA Hard Drive
    2 IP Addresses
    100 MBPS Unmetered Bandwidth

    Setup: Took a few days due to overwhelming orders. I have to understand as they have hundreds of orders going in. The only thing I am unsatisfied is I ordered with cPanel but on their order list it didn't state cPanel. It was solved within a few emails. No worries

    Prices: Extremely satisfied, I'm paying <$100 for a dedicated server with cPanel.

    Support: I have to say that the support is average. You don't get instant response times but at such pricing, you have nothing to complain about. I realize that all my tickets be it Billing or Support are answered by the same person name 'Josh'. I am not sure if there are other staff who handle their support. A few hours on support, I have only emailed them once regarding a network issue. Well, I seriously have nothing to say regarding their support as I cant be getting instant response at such pricing.

    Downtime: Once, it was a routing issue on their datacenter but surprisingly they managed to resolve it within less than an hour.

    Actual thread can be found from here.

    Uptime: 100% I could say if i do not include the routing issue they were facing.

    Full Uptime of the server can be optain from: HERE (36 Days Up)

    Server Load: Average Load 0.11 - 1+

    Overall: I'm satisfied and didn't regret making the first move to try our their deals. Soo guys, be sure to grab their dedicated deals if they are back on. I am sure I will eb getting a few more boxes if they have the similar offer again.

    Overall Ratings: 9/10

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    My Volumedrive server is pretty good as well. the network is really great.

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    Glad to hear, I was also hesitant to purchase a box from VolumeDrive and never did. I'm still considering picking up a box there.

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    Glad to hear that they are providing a good service. I wanted to order a dedicated server but they are all out. They must have had a great sale
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    Thanks for the review. It's always nice to hear good things about VolumeDrive.

    I hope they will have new servers soon.

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    nice review Glad to hear that you are happy

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    Can't believe I missed out on that sale. I found out 3 days after they went out of stock that it even happened...
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    Glad to see the positive feedback!
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    Good to see positive review of them, can't wait for their next Xeon sale - Affordable budget Fully Managed Hosting Services for individuals and business clients. Website Hosting. Domain Name management. High Availability Cloud servers - 99.9% Uptime, Self-Healing Failover, Load Balancing and Mirrored Backups. - Internet Service Provider since 2007!

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