YouCANHasDNS is a dynamic and responsive light-hearted enterprise which wants to synergistically leverage years of hands-on experience - as well as an industry-leading repertoire of cutting-edge buzzwords - to effectively, responsibly, and responsively take the previously endless headaches and confusion out of hosted DNS solutions. How can this exciting new venture do this, you inquire? Why, by systemically offering a fast, reliable, and above all flat-rate service to just about any consumer blessed with ownership and/or administrative control of a domain name, of course! That means that for the unprecedentedly low flat rate of just $5 per year - literally just pennies a day - we give you - with panache! - the following:

  • Three extremely fast, highly reliable, and very geographically diverse nameservers (Washington state, Pennsylvania, and Holland)
  • Unbelievably incredible reliability and redundancy with no single point of failure short of the very fabric of western civilization itself
  • Full, complete, and unfettered (and entirely SSL-encrypted) administration and control over your zones - including full IPv6 support!
  • Deliciously RFC-compliant service that passes ZoneCheck and all other popular DNS tests and checks

...for two domains.

Reap the bountiful benefits of our many gruelling years of experience - YouCANHasDNS is immeasurably proud to be a wholly-owned service of, in the hosting business since 2002 - at a shockingly bargain price you'd have to be crazy to ignore.

At $2.50 per domain per year, can you afford not to have excessively reliable and redundant DNS for your valued website? Of course not!

DNS: It's not just for people described as "wizards" and "gurus" in completely unsolicited and uncompensated public testmony, you know. You - yes, you - can has DNS nao... but only if u visits our purdy website. So, plz... u no waits. Go. Go nao. U will thanks us later. Srsly.