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    Should I move from Softlayer to AWS EC2?

    For last weeks I have been thinking about switching to Amazon AWS EC2 from Softlayer. Money is not an issue here. Here are my few thoughts about this. Please let me know what you think about it.

    1. I was thinking that since AWS has more powerful network, the connection speeds and latency might be better. (though Softlay
    2. I am able to auto scale my server on the fly if I need more resources.
    3. Better disk I/O reading, thus faster processing time and faster files retrieve times.
    4. Dedicated server might go does once in a blue moon, but Cloud would be available*

    * yes I know since last two days AWS has been having some issues with one of their DC. But apart from that it has been really good at staying online.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Latency to AWS has always been worse for me than to the big name DCs like softlayer. You can not autoscale your server on the fly (I don't think?), you have to redeploy your server image onto a bigger instance. IO on EC2 has always been MUCH worse than a local RAID10 array for me.

    I use EC2 extensively for an auto scaling application, spawns more copies of itself when load is high, it's great for that (keeping costs low for variable cpu needs) but I wouldn't use it as my main host.
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    I wouldn't go with Amazon. They are pretty good, but I think you could do better. If I were you I would look at and not Amazon. It's in a Liquid Web data center (and it's a Liquid Web company), so you can expect a quality network.
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    I'd not leave SoftLayer and switch to AWS EC2.

    BTW, there is a typo in your thread title. It is SoftLayer, not Softlater

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    You will only find out how good a provider is when the going gets tough

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    Awesome thanks guys. I will for now stick with Softlayer as I'm pretty happy with them.

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    I believe a very important point is being overlooked.

    Amazon operates multiple regions, allowing users to add redundancy to their applications by hosting them in several regions. In a multi-region setup, when one region experiences performance problems, customers can shift workloads to an unaffected region.

    The latest outage affected sites generally that were only hosted in "one" region and not taking advantage of the capabilities built into the system.

    Redundancy is a factor that influences the "up-time" of any hosted site. Amazon cloud or Softlayer DC, be sure that you have the capability to shift to another installation when there is a problem with one machine / vendor.

    It seems that the Amazon "outage" points out the consumer's lack of basic network understanding rather than stability of a given system.

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    It seems you don't know how Amazon operates the services.
    You will only find out how good a provider is when the going gets tough

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    SoftLayer has a cloud offering (called CCI). We use it, and it's been perfectly reliable so far.

    Here's a post from a MySQL blog I read about the inconsistencies with Amazon cloud performance:

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    There was a thread a while back about Amazon's total lack of response for a DDOS attack from one of their servers that was taking down a host's server. Multiple tickets and phone calls didn't even get a response, and I remember the host's frustration over the event. There evidently was no tech support over a long weekend, or something.

    So what, its not their customer they were ignoring, right? I find it inconceivable that a provider wouldn't care about the rest of the network. Their lack of response to another business they were impacting shows an utter disregard for anyone else, in my view. I suspect that bleeds through to their relations with their customers. If you're happy with SoftLayer, I would stay with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotHostel View Post
    It seems you don't know how Amazon operates the services.
    Well, getting a better idea every day.

    That article seems to be centering on how Amazon "broke their promise" but one small part of it hits the main issue:
    Of course it's possible to protect against a catastrophic failure (multiple AZs), but for most businesses the additional expense and engineering effort isn't worth it (or may even be counterproductive by introducing additional complexity).
    Vendor guarantees should be relied on for reimbursement only, reliability of authored systems remain the responsibility of the author.

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    So people don't want to pay for redundancy (multiple regions), then goes crying when **** hits the fan inevitably, being given the option to have redundancy and not choosing it. Their fault how?

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