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    Who can develop supermicro IPMI Control?

    Hi, I don't known supermicro provided IPMI API or not.

    I want use php to control supermicro server via ipmi,example, remote reboot,reset ipmi password,get hardware status...

    who can develop this? I can pay for it.

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    does common snmp protocol available on supermicro ipmi?

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    I can


    I made this, my application have a lot of possibility:
    1) Manage Users
    2) Manage LAN
    3) Manage Powers
    4) Show power state
    5) Monitoring Sensors
    I have integrated this solutions with my application but i can create this us external instance. Conntactja.sem.drevni.kocur[at]

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    Hello, i found this very old post.... somebody know a php application useful to manage servers via IPMI ?

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