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    How to configure reverse proxy Squid to hide client IP?


    I was able to configure Squid as a forward proxy and hide IP of clients when used through browser proxy config.

    However, I want to reconfig my Squid as a reverse proxy to shield between my users and the server.

    I'm using host file to redirect request.

    For example, if User A enters "", the host file will redirect the request to Squid. Squid will then act as a reverse proxy and communicate with "". Users' real IP will be hidden and "" will be fooled into thinking the actual request comes from Squid.

    I'm able to redirect the request to squid but "" can still see client's real IP address.

    Please help and thank you!
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    I tried the reverse proxy on and it worked except showing "suspected" network sharing device.

    However, I tried again on and the HTTP header returned my real IP.

    This is my config in Squid:

    http_port 80 accel
    cache_peer parent 80 0 no-query originserver name=myAccel
    acl our_sites dstdomain
    http_access allow our_sites
    cache_peer_access myAccel allow our_sites
    #cache_peer_access myAccel deny all

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    You could try telling squid to strip out some headers -

    header_access From deny all
    header_access Referer deny all
    header_access Server deny all
    header_access WWW-Authenticate deny all
    header_access X-Forwarded-For deny all
    header_access Via deny all
    header_access Link deny all
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    "suspected" network sharing device. = you are probably sending a "Via: Squid x.x" or something

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