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    Apache htaccess not picking up


    I am currently migrating my site from 1and1 to bluemile. Bluemile gave me a blank OS, which is the first time I had encountered such a thing, and configuration is killing me. I have gotten everything to work but 2 things ... this is about one of the two, htaccess. I have no idea why, but my rules set in my webroot for htaccess aren't firing at all. I do all my mod-rewrite here, yet none of them fire ... all URLs are dead that should be rerouted via htaccess.

    I am running centos 5.5 and apache 2.2 ... not at all sure where to begin looking for this.

    Please help.

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    Verify your Apache server is even loading the mod_rewrite module.
    Additionally, you probably should have stuck with managed hosting. It sounds like you have an unmanaged VPS account now?

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    Thanks lightwave, but I actually figured it out just after posting and was just writing a response ...

    ... turns out that AllowOverride occurs in a few places, and when I changed it, I didn't change it everywhere. I just kept looking farther in the doc and found it. Sorry about that.

    I am about to post another question, though ... this is about memcache.

    thanks for the blazingly fast reply, though ... this site is amazing when it comes to that.

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