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    MX records


    A new client of the company I work for has signed up for e-mail hosting only. They're website (and domain) is currently hosted by another company and that company originally hosted their e-mails. The other company pointed their mx records to our server correctly.

    The client in question receives e-mails from most people, but not everyone. The people that can't reach our client have been able to before the e-mail hosting switch.

    The problem is that all spam filters are disabled (per trying to resolve this issue) and the people that cannot e-mail our client are able to e-mail us (our accounts reside on the same server).

    The other hosting company found some old dns records that they thought might have been pointing some people to their server still, but this issue has been resolved as well.

    Any guesses?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are PTR records set for the IP addresses? That's really the only thing that comes to mind.

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    Or perhaps a firewall? "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    We use CSF for the firewall and no...there is no PTR record setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by fizix252 View Post
    the people that cannot e-mail our client are able to e-mail us (our accounts reside on the same server).
    That one rather points the finger at the DNS for your client's domain. Are the people failing to send mail all using the same ISP? This sort of problem can happen when a domain was previously hosted at an ISP, and when the hosting is moved the ISP fails to remove the authoritative DNS records from their system.

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    Just give it a little more time. One of the best tests you could run is use a Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo account to send a test email to that account. If it's received, it's working for 99% of the users around the world, if it's not, then, something else is broken. - Home to over 23,000 websites.
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    It's been a week though. Should I still not be concerned?

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