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Thread: VPS Reseller?

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    VPS Reseller?

    I am looking to resell VPS. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on companies that do this that are good and would be based in USA, I guess if I had to I would branch over to the UK etc.

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    Knownhost has a reseller program:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orien View Post
    Knownhost has a reseller program:
    I agree - KnownHost does have a great reseller program.
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    Contact the host that you are interested in. Most likely, they will be able to give discounts to Resellers since they bring them more customers which turns into profits for them.
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    It would be good if KH offered UK location.
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    i have not used them but i see HostValley have a reseller program also

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    BurstNET has a reseller program.

    A word of warning though, they have way too many resellers already, and people spot their plans readily. You should be prepared to make it known that you are reselling them.

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    the best way of reseller program is buy a dedicated hoisting plan and sale the space

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarkarinaukrisearch View Post
    the best way of reseller program is buy a dedicated hoisting plan and sale the space
    Is that actually profitable? If you mean shared hosting, I understand, but we're discussing VPS reselling.

    Let's look at what you'll make revenue-wise. We'll assume you're not going to grossly oversell. Usually you're constrained by RAM, and most of the premium VPS providers get 4 cents a MB. The smaller budget guys more like 1.5 cents. The ultra-budgets (e.g.,'s 192MB for $15/year) are getting .7 cents per MB.

    Say you have a box and have 15GB to sell. That's $614 if you're linode/slicehost/6sync, but you're not. So maybe you make 1.5 cents per MB - that's $230 coming in.

    Are you going to be able to rent a dedi that has 16GB of RAM, at least 2-3 hard drives (and even then your performance will suck), and the bandwidth you need to provide (for everyone) for less than $230/month?

    Even if you made twice that, I think it's pretty thin, especially considering we're assuming you're always consistently full which won't be the case.

    If I'm completely wrong I would love to hear a correction.

    Buying boxes and putting them in DCs and selling VPSes I get - but the cost of dedi servers seems too high to me.
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    In which location are you looking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sushantg View Post
    In which location are you looking?
    Anywhere in the US. Will then expand to resell for the UK.

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