Hello everyone! I'm looking for a position as either a level 1/2 technician for a hosting company, or acting as a web developer for a company or freelance designer.

General Information
Name: Brian Schroeter

Age: 22 years old

Location: Southern Florida (by Fort Lauderdale)

Availability: I am currently employed full-time so I work Monday-Friday (9AM-6PM EST). If there is a position available that pays as much or more as my current job, I'd consider taking this on as a full-time position. If not, I am available in the blank spaces there (including the weekend).

Preferred compensation: Hourly / Salary (Per ticket is acceptable for a part time position)


Technical Support Experience
Software Experience: I have experience with many scripts including vBulletin, PHPBB, Invision Board, myBB, XMB, SMF, several ecommerce solutions such as "OSCommerce," WHMCS, WHM, CPanel, TheHostingTool, DirectAdmin, Putty (SSH utility), Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, and many others!

Hardware Experience
With having built several machines before, I understand how servers function and are built. I can troubleshoot hardware issues, and perform hardware replacements if needed (in an on-site solution).

Support Options
If your company is within southern Florida, I'll be happy to do work as an on-site technician. If not, I am available for phone support, live chat support, and ticket support.

Please email me... [email protected].


Coding Experience
With experience in XHTML/CSS(3), I can become an excellent coder to have on your team for projects to be coded before they go live! Please be advised that I comment the XHTML as well as CSS, and believe in clean, structured code.

Please email me... [email protected].


Please advise if you have any questions!

Brian Schroeter