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    List of country TLDs with open registration?

    Does any know of a list of countries that are completely open to anyone who wants to register a top-level domains with their country codes?

    For example, Barbados (.bb) requires you to be a resident/business in Barbados. Anyone can register in Armenia (.am), but you have to have your server there, so it's not really open.

    On the other hand, Switzerland (.ch) is apparently open to anyone and there's no presence requirement. Same for Romania (.ro).

    This site has a list of country codes:

    ...but I really don't want to have to click through 190+ countries and read all the details. I'm wondering if there is a list somewhere?
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    You could do it by going to, ticking all TLDs and entering a nonsensical domain name. That will give you a list with an icon next to domains that require local presence or has other limitations. I think NameISP covers pretty much every single TLD.
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