Highest protection cloud backups!

Backups need to be safe and available 24/7. Don't give your precious data anything but the best protection on the market!

Cloud Pixies use triple drive protection (we use RAIDz3 protected 3 disk failures at the same time, whereas RAID6 is only double, RAID5 single!), which combined with regular check summing of all data to ensure no silent errors mean your data is safer with us than anywhere else.

All services come with discounts for paying 6 months or 12 months in advance (2 months free for 12 months!) and are completely managed to ensure it works exactly how you require.
Ticket, email and phone tech support is available to ensure your backups are there when you need them.

(All prices are priced for monthly)
Our Standard service offers SSH, SFTP, Rsync and Windows SMB access 24/7 with our triple disk RAID protection and real-time compression.
Standard 10GB - $5.00, 4.36, 3.57
Standard 100GB - $15.00, 13.08, 10.71
Standard 500GB - $55.00, 47.97, 39.27
Standard 2TB - $150.00, 130.84, 107.11

Our Extra level of service, also offer HTTPS and Shell access to your data along with 3 daily snapshots so you can go back in time up to 3 days. You also get a custom snapshot preserving any instant in time you like!
Extra 10GB - $10.00, 8.72, 7.14
Extra 100GB - $30.00, 26.16, 21.42
Extra 500GB - $110.00, 95.95, 78.55
Extra 2TB - $300.00, 261.68, 214.22

Our highest service level is Extreme, you get even more snapshots, now taken hourly. Access to your data via the defacto SAN protocol iSCSI, and nightly your data is safely stored in a different geographic location. An OpenIndiana VPS zone is provided that is connected to your storage for any local processing you require and also we will work with you to set up a pull backup system from your zone rather than push if your prefer.
Extreme 10GB - $25.00, 21.81, 17.85
Extreme 100GB - $75.00, 65.42, 53.55
Extreme 500GB - $275.00, 239.87, 196.37
Extreme 2TB - $750.00, 654.19, 535.54

We also offer managed dedicated storage servers either colocated with our servers, or with our Homeloc service at your office or data center. With Homeloc we manage and maintain to the same high standard as our normal services but with the benefit of being local to your own servers for the highest performance achievable!

For small amounts of non critical data, we also offer a Value service.

Why Cloud Pixies?

We believe that data is precious and needs to be available, and specialize in making storage safe and accessible at the speeds businesses need. We specialize in storage from all angles, not only do we host and build servers, we write drivers and new filesystem features to achieve our aims. Research and development is actively ongoing, with a new form of data protection (ERC reinforcement) already patent pending, and other developments in the pipeline. Cloud Pixies will be at the forefront of leading storage technologies now and in the future!
Our knowledge from hardware through the kernel and application to you the user, means we are uniquely placed to offer protection and performance at a great price. We are proudly a bespoke builder, where each machine and service is built and tuned to exactly the needs of each customer.
We passionately believe in bringing the the best (and even better!) enterprise SAN storage services to the mainstream business user.

If its storage related, give us an email you might be surprised by how helpful our pixies can be to ensure you get the solution you need!