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    About a PROXY server

    Is there any vps can be a proxy server that has multiple IPs ?
    I want to use it for research uses.
    Well..something like yahoo 999 error.

    My location is in the Asia. So, I hope the response time can be near 150 ms. (any test link is fine)

    And the size or CPU's level is not important to me.

    My budget is about 10~20/m.


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    Just get multiple VPSes? There are plenty of sub-$20/year offer and you can get a dozen of them and have a dozen of different IPs.

    Depends on whereabout you are in Asia, 150ms should be doable if your country is not congested.

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    are you planning to host an Open Proxy? or a private proxy to be used only by yourself?

    for response times, ping hosts and see what you get.

    give us an IP so we can all ping / trace you, that can help you find a good connection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justeza View Post
    How many IPs do you need?
    Think this is a fair question really depending on how many IP's you are needing and If this is open or private proxy as many host do not allow open proxy servers "Where the client comes first!"
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