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    Hi, about a proxy server

    Is there any vps can be a proxy server that has multiple IPs ?
    I want to use it for research uses.
    Well..something like yahoo 999 error.

    My location is in the Asia. So, I hope the response time can be near 150 ms. (any test link is fine)

    And the size or CPU's level is not important to me.

    My budget is about 10~20/m.


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    It absolutelly can have multiple IP's,
    you may check the following thread:
    Affordable VPS Servers - Middle East
    High performance | Green technologies

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    if you need multiply IPs you will need to have SEO hosting. That is the only tool which will be able to help you rich what you need. That could be really expensive as for you.

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    mm...SEO hosting seems to let me own multiple IPs.
    But, does that means I can manually change them remotely ?
    I want to refresh the IP instantly if I found it is blocked.
    And the "refresh" action can be done by scripts is better.

    I'm not sure the SEO hosting meets my requirements since the IPs is static.
    So, I can't refresh them if all of them are blocked.

    I also found some proxy providers, but they all need to email them to refresh the IPs.

    Btw, when the VPS without static IP, does this mean when I reboot it, the IP will change right away ? Because, if it is true. Then, I can bought ten and use the cPanel to reboot it if any is blocked.

    Thanks for the comments.

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    No provider will give you "dynamic" IPs.

    Also Chinese firewall does NOT block single IPs, but whole subnets - other services do it similar.

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