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    Atmail or equivalent for shared server?

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

    I'm helping a friend with a site. I want to get him a great and modern way to use webmail. I find Squirrelmail and Horde, etc, to be horribly dated and a pretty rough environment to work in. The problem is that I have a shared server, so I can't use something like Atmail, which looks great to me.

    Is there a solution? An up to date webmail package that can be used on a shared server?

    Any and all leads / solutions much appreciated.

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    I've looked and I don't find any plug-ins for Wordpress, but if it makes any difference, I'm using Wordpress for his site

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    There are also themes/skins for SquirrelMail by a company called NutsMail:
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    Thanks Patrick! Roundcube pretty much fulfils my needs. It only needed one minor change to php.ini, so it wasn't a big deal to ask of my host provider.

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