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    how to apply SSL to certian sites?

    Hi, hows everyone going

    I'm slowly starting up a web hosting company with a reseller account
    and was wondering if i need SSL, all payments will get directed to Paypals site which has security,

    But i am leaning towards getting SSL anyway, on Cpanel there is SSL/TLS Manager, and im wondering after i buy a SSL cert. How do i apply it to certain sites etc log on and the order form pages. i will be using WHMCS for orders. my host does support .htaccsess if that's any help.

    Thanks in advance

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    If you have a reseller account you will need to request your host to install the SSL certificate and assign the domain a dedicated IP, which they may charge extra for.

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    i think it's highly recommended to have ssl in your site like checkout page, sign in, sign up.
    It's important for the client and you as well.
    EV(Extended Validation) ssl certificate are the best of course but costly as well, for starting you can buy a cheap ssl certificate.

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    i think my domain already has a Dedicated IP,
    so i buy the SSL cert and then ask my host to install it, do i tell that what pages for them to apply it too?

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    maybe they have special offer depend on them did you checked on their site?

    try to ask them else Google our best friend always here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sveken View Post
    i think my domain already has a Dedicated IP,
    so i buy the SSL cert and then ask my host to install it, do i tell that what pages for them to apply it too?
    You do not install SSL certs of different pages. It is installed either on the whole website or subdomain. For ex: if SSL is installed on then all the URLs starting with is secured. So before purchasing the SSL cert you have to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for (if it is that website). Please check the cPanel documention and you will get an idea.

    Thank You.
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    If you're a regular reseller (you donít have a VPS/Dedicated Server/ Master Reseller plan) you don't usually create CSR yourself. You'd need to ask your Hosting Company to do it for you or at least guide you through the process.
    As Isaac Newton said, you can secure domain/sub-domain with a regular Domain Validated SSL. Or you can buy a WildCard SSL which will get all your sub-domains covered with encryption. However normally you wouldn't need that.

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