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    Most effective way to save a sinking web host ship.

    First off - thank you for taking the time to read this post. I've recently had the opportunity to try and save the web hosting service the company I work for started a few years back; however, there is little to no support or advice offered to help me get it back on its feet. I've got a advanced technical background, specifically with networking, but not necessarily web hosting.

    Here is a little background on the service we provide. We offer reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, and general web hosting. Unfortunately the past two months, the web hosting side of things got neglected and the company wanted to drop it entirely, as it isn't our main focus. I opted to take it over and try and restore it to its former glory. So here's my question:

    I've got a large client and server database to prune and clean up. Many clients have branched off to different hosting solutions since we were going to terminate services after the contracts expired. Any advice for getting things organized and ready to start hosting again?

    Thanks, once again!

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    I would suggest sending out a newsletter, let them all know you aren't going anywhere! If you had good service then some may consider coming back. Offer them a discount for being a loyal customer.

    Otherwise you need to fix your reputation so people know you are here to stay, then work on your marketing of the company.
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    Offer 3 year unlimited packages for 99 cents. That seemed to work for Hostable.
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    I appreciate the responses; however, I was looking for a technical solution to the database clean up rather than the business side of the aftermath.

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    I am sure the best bet is doing a server audit then deleting unneeded accounts by username. I can't say I know any better way. It is very time consuming when we do server audits but it is something that needs to be done sometimes.
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    Thank you MichelleH. I assumed that was going to be the case, was just curious if there were alternatives.
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