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    Question Baytech RPC3 terminal access

    So here's my issue. I've got two Baytech PDUs that I need a terminal connection to in order to do the initial config:


    The RPC-10DE has a "B/C" switch that allows the use of a Baytech or Cisco console cable. With the switch set to "C" and a normal Cisco cable, I'm able to connect using minicom and do the initial config just fine.

    The RPC3-20 is an older model that only supports using a Baytech cable. The Baytech cable has a different pinout than the Cisco console cable. I ordered the Baytech adapter online from a third-party (part# 9FRJ45PC-1). I opened it up and the wiring seems to match the pinout in the Baytech manually perfectly.

    I hooked it up like this:

    [Baytech RJ45 management port] -> [Crossover RJ45 cable] -> [9FRJ45PC-1] -> [Serial port on PC]

    minicom gives me nothing. No output from the serial port at all, even when reading directly from the device file. This is the case with both the RPC-10DE in "B" mode, and the RPC3-20. The manual says to use a crossover cable, but I tried a straight cable too, same results. The crossover cable wiring is correct and it successfully connects between other servers.

    The RPC3-20 could theoretically be configured with strange serial port settings that would cause problems, but I know that the RPC-10DE has normal serial port settings because I can connect to it fine in Cisco mode. I can't reset the RCP3-20 now because it's in production, but connecting to the RPC-10DE should be the first test anyhow since I know that has a known-good configuration.

    I even tried connecting the RPC3-20's ethernet port to a switch and scanning and part of to see if it was configured for ethernet access, but no luck.

    The diagnostic CX light on the RPC3-20 blinks 3 times per cycle, which means "Cable or hub connection fault". It does that even when no cable is connected to the RJ45 management port.

    Any suggestions? Just totally out of ideas at this point and I really need to get this configured.


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    The crossover cable needed isn't a traditional T568A to T568B.

    The correct pinout should look like this:

    1 ------------- 2
    2 ------------- 5
    4 ------------- 4
    5 ------------- 1

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    Thanks. It does look like the cable shouldn't be a normal crossover cable.

    The cable you listed the pinout for is:
    RJ45 to RJ45 custom cable for Cabletron TRX1

    Page 19 in the RCP3-20 manual (page 25 in the PDF) lists a pinout for RJ08X007, and the pinout for that is a rollover cable (1-8,2-7,3-6,4-5,5-4,6-3,7-2,8-1).

    I'm thinking the rollover cable is probably the one I need, but I'll order both just to be safe.

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    Do you not have the material to create your own cables?

    Now that I look at it, it probably should be a simple rollover cable.

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    I ordered a rollover cable, and that solved the problem. So in the end the connection was:

    [Baytech RJ45 management port] -> [Rollover RJ45 cable] -> [9FRJ45PC-1] -> [Serial port on PC]

    For those finding this through searching, the rollover pinout is: 1-8,2-7,3-6,4-5,5-4,6-3,7-2,8-1. The cable I ordered was a Cables to Go from Newegg - CABLES TO GO 02978 7 ft. Silver RJ45 8P8C Crossed/Rollover Modular Cable.

    Thanks to DPG for getting me on the right track.

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    I forget what the wiring was, but I've made some cables that use a standard Cisco DB9 to RJ45 adapter, which works fine, although it does matter which end is plugged into which.

    When I have a chance, I'll try and find it and/or just look at one of the cables I've made.
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