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    Add Free Hosting

    Hi, do you think if you add free hosting that you would get some paid customers. Or do you think just free hosting would then be your trade mark.

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    you'd just be packed with spammers and abuse

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    Free hosting can be fine if you reviewed/approved each order manually. Have some sort of verification system in-place.

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    I doubt you'd get paid hosting customers with free hosting. It's worth a shot. You need some kind of compensation for offering free hosting. Maybe ads on the forums with post 2 hosting or ads on the pages. Somebody has to pay for the servers.

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    we ran a free hosting service for a while. Without verification it got filled with nasty stuff. With verification we still got some abuse but the biggest factor in ultimately canning the service was that you get next to no converts to paid hosting.
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    Ok so I know this is not a vote but in Feb & Mar I got no sing ups so I started fee hosting in April I got 21 free sing ups do you think I should keep it

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