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    How to modify code from simple JQuery article?

    Hello, the following article I found shows how to use jquery to click on an image and delete it from an html table row:

    I do not use html tables, I use div tags. How can I modify the code to work with <div> tags please?

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    The code deletes a row from the table.
    To delete the image in that case you can probably just use
    $(this).remove(); in the onclick portion of an image.

    Otherwise you need more changes to this part, but I can't see your code to know more:
    'table td img.delete'

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    Thanks for the reply. I would like to click on the image to delete the whole row like one of his examples show. Here is my html:

    <div><a href="">Google</a><img src="templates/images/red-x.png" class="delete" alt="Remove site" /></div>
    <div><a href="">Yahoo</a><img src="templates/images/red-x.png" class="delete" alt="Remove site" /></div>

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    this should be it basically

    <script src="jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
    <div><a href="#">Google</a><img src="templates/images/red-x.png" class="delete" alt="Remove site" /></div>
    <div><a href="#">Yahoo</a><img src="templates/images/red-x.png" class="delete" alt="Remove site" /></div>

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    Great thanks a lot Now I hope I can figure out how to call up the php file with it but that should be easy.

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    OK curious, his tutorial is vague in the link I showed you to delete the row from the DB. I know how to do the php part, but do I need to change the html to pass the ID number of the row to delete? He just says to add this code:

    									  $.get('deleteRow.php', {id: $(this).parent().attr('id')},
    but do I need to add some type of html change to pass the ID of the row to be deleted?

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    it needs to pass the ID, and I see the id attribute in the call, but I don't know offhand where to enter the ids...

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    Sweet I kept messing with it and got it to work! It was easier to do when I tabbed after the brackets so I could read it more easily. Here is the jquery:

    									  $.get('deleteRow.php', {id: $(this).parent().attr('id')});
    here is the html:

    <div id="1"><a href="#">Google</a><img src="templates/images/red-x.png" class="delete" alt="Remove site" /></div>
    <div id="2"><a href="#">Yahoo</a><img src="templates/images/red-x.png" class="delete" alt="Remove site" /></div>
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