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    SSL Cert

    Ok...I was using a dedicated server, then for the "learning experience" I decided to get another one from another company to use as a secondary server. I now have transfered everything to my secondary server and got rid of my primary server.

    Everything works except for the SSL certifcate for mail clients. If I go to my domain using the https protocol the certificate is accepted and verified. If I use outlook to retrieve my mail from the server using SSL or any form of encryption I get a SSL warning saying that the signature from the certificate is bad. I've tried everything that I can think of to fix this issue. What I've done already is go to "Manage service SSL certificates" in WHM and deleted all existing certificates that were listed for each service (i.e: exim, dovecot, etc) and reinstalled the certificate with the crt file and then fetched the key.

    I still get this error and I have no idea how to resolve this issue.

    Any guesses?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just check the ssl installed with the below link?

    If there is any ! symbol showed in the result, Contact the ssl provider with the error and ask for a better one!

    All the best,

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