April 21st 2011 – NEW YORK - Perigee Global Includes VoxCAST CDN With All Hosting Plans

From today, Voxel's VoxCAST On-Demand CDN platform which spans geographic nodes across Asia, America and Europe is now available at no extra charge for all Perigee Global's hosting customers. Each hosting plan's bandwidth allowance can be used flexibly and as-needed for both standard website traffic and CDN traffic.

This is the Universal Transfer model, and allows website owners to leverage the power of cloud-based CDN infrastructure with minimum expense or volume commitments. Perigee Global also supplies additional CDN volume commitments at competitive per GB rates.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with a high quality, pioneering service provider like Voxel that enables Perigee Global to provide a reliable, scalable and feature-rich hosting infrastructure to businesses and individuals of all kinds. Being able to include an integrated Content Distribution Network service with our hosting platform is a fantastic opportunity both for us, as a company, and our customers” says Perigee Global Vice-President, Tom Halpin.

The VoxCAST CDN operates as a network middle-man that sites between the source website and end-users. It operates as an origin-pull CDN that forwards requests for new content to the source website automatically, and caches all of the received content on its distributed nodes for quicker and fast access in the future. This provides maximum bandwidth and loading performance for global visitors and reduces the load and bottlenecks for websites without having to separately upload content specifically for the CDN.

About Perigee Global Corporation
Perigee Global is a web development and managed hosting services provider based in New York, USA, and specializes in end-to-end custom solutions for both business and personal users. Providing a service based on flexibility, features and high-value tools, the company aims to open up access to the latest cloud hosting technologies for small businesses while enabling them to reduce their overheads and OpEx to improve competitiveness.

For more information about Perigee Global and its services, visit http://www.perigeeglobal.com.
For more information about VoxCAST visit http://www.voxel.net/voxcast-cdn