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    Arrow intelliServe - Hiring Sales/Support Staff & Partners

    intelliServe(.)org is looking for Sales Agents & Support Reps.

    We're currently re-forming so have huge room for expansion,
    These roles will be paid in commission for first month, after that a salary will be negotiated and introduced + high commission.

    Also looking for Partners to get involved with the running of intelliServe, these will also be paid high commission temporarily based on performance, until a salary is negotiated and introduced.

    We currently offer Shared Hosting, cPanel Resellers and Game/Server Hosting, however we will soon be dealing with VPS and Dedicated plans (upon reaching milestone).


    - You must have some level experience within the industry.
    - You must be fluent in english.
    - ID must be provided.
    - NDA must be agreed to and signed.

    If your looking at a long-term position within a growing company with excellent promotion opportunities, then we want you...

    Please send info/CV's/Resume to: mail(@),
    For a prompt reply with further information.

    Thanks, Jay.
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    email sent. Hope to hear back from you.

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    Sent an e-mail. Thanks.

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    Your mail server is currently bouncing emails back to sender, so I've PMed you instead. Thanks

    Edit: Or not - apparently I need to have a few posts under my account before I can use the PM feature. Embarassing much?
    I'll wait for your server to recover.
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    I agree, very embarrassing, I know the feeling though (I can only post 1 thread a week!) and I've been switching my mail server around over the last few days, all sorted now though.

    What I'm doing now anyway is creating a full application system,
    The methods I was using were just making more work for me.

    Once I'm all sorted, I'll be emailing those who have mailed me.

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    Any info for the people that already applied? I sent you an email, just checking up on it...

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    intelliServe is currently switching everything over to new servers.
    I'm moving over to some superfast hardware, so basically everything has ground to a halt (except for clients, obviously I wouldn't put them through downtime while I make the move)

    To all that have previously applied, I have all those applications stored on my blackberry and will be reviewing all over the next few days and sending relevent emails.

    You can expect to return to full service on wednesday/thursday this coming week, from that day all things will be hectic (new prices, new systems and integration of a VPS reseller programme) so I appreciate the patience of applicants so far.

    Note: once our new speedy server is online, a new site will appear very quickly (we're ready to go now) so I'll keep you all updated with this thread.



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