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    Thumbs up The Prime Host - 3 month review

    I have been with The Prime Host for 3 months now.

    First, let me say that their support is incredible! Usually any ticket that I open is responded to within the hour. If on the off-chance a ticket is not responded to within 24-48 hours (and I don't recall that happening) -- Darrell told me to e-mail him personally with the ticket number and he would look into it. I am very impressed with the level of support I have received!

    The server performance has been pretty good. I had a couple of issues: one was a memory leak, which was fixed right away. The second issue had to do with a short amount of repeated downtime due to some abusive users on the node. Once the abusive users were removed, everything was on the upswing!

    In regards to the server / network performance I can honestly say that my downtime has been at most 20 minutes here or there. *Maybe* 2 hours of downtime total within the three months I have been with them. It hasn't been significant enough for me to worry about and the few tickets I have opened regarding any downtime was taken care of immediately.

    All in all I rate them a 10/10 and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable VPS provider!
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    Thank you for the positive review,

    Keep us updated
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    Excellent Review!

    Keep us here updated, these reviews help many many people - We price match any UK Based Hosting Business!
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