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    Please review my art & design news site

    Hi all,

    I like to introduce my art & design news site for review.

    I am running this site for couple of months but now I have got a best theme that I always wanted so now I have started running it properly and updating it regularly.

    Please review the site and let me know what you think

    Professional Banner Design :: Complete Satisfaction & Fast Turnaround :: Art, Design & Inspiration Blog

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    The site is well put together with really captivating content. The top nav bar rocks! I really like seeing what the articles are about before I click.

    The only thing I really really dislike is the triple column design. yuck. I suggest making the right column EXTREMELY skinny and also with it use a divider between the middle column and that rightmost 3rd column.

    As stated, the content itself is enjoyable. =)

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    You know, the thing you really dislike is the thing I like very much

    I don't see any option to disable the 3rd column in the theme, but I actually like it because this way I can add more stuff there.

    Normally webmasters just visit this kind of sites - submit their new - and leave the site but I placed thumbnails and links to other posts so that they should browse more pages for more content.

    I am glad you like the content
    Professional Banner Design :: Complete Satisfaction & Fast Turnaround :: Art, Design & Inspiration Blog

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    Looks Clean and professional

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    Your site looks nice.
    I would make your site wider, though. It seems like everything is crammed right now.

    Very nice site, again ;D

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    Good layout, easy to find information, and best of all GREAT photos!
    Harris Fufu
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