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    Want to control dedicated server remotely via FTP

    there is a guy who did it, and he just won't tell me how he did it, just because he is complete moron, no other reason.
    anyway what he did is that:
    lets say i have dedicated server and the ip is for example:
    everybody have administative permissions and all works good.
    now many times im downloading huge files. sizes like 10-15 gb's each.
    and im not downloading from my computer because i have some kinda problem with my ISP so i get crappy speed of just 40-50kb per sec for some reason. and from the dedicated server its get his maximum speed
    and to download them to my computer what im doing is uploading to a server, (after download is complete from the terminal server) or direct admin that i own, and then downloading it to my computer via direct link, which not always supply maximum speed.
    so what the guy did is made the dedicated server as ftp.
    so lets say i have client such as flash fxp or cute ftp or whatever, and the dedicated server was
    and the user lets say is root and password is blabla
    so he connect to the server trough the client this way:
    ftp://administrator:[email protected]
    and by this way he can see all the hard drive and download and upload whatever he fill without doing what i do (after downloaded files, uploading to some kind of server, and then downloading the files from the server to my computer).
    and this way he has profit of maximum download speed since the dedicated server has high bandwidth (100mb upload\download) and unlike me, he is not depended on the bandwidth of the server that he uploaded the files to. so most of times its going pretty quick, im uploading to the server and then copy\pasting the link to my download manager and its flowing, but now for example, im getting only 40% of the download speed im able to have, additionally, im filling kinda stupid working twice while i can do it in 1 time, which means after i downloaded file via dedicated server, i will connect to the dedicated server from the ftp client and will have access to all of its hard drive, and then i can download instantly what ever content the hard drive has.
    so my question is how can i do it? how can i make the dedicated server as ftp so i can connect to it directly and then grab the files easily without complicating too many things.
    thanks in advanced.
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    You are going to need an FTPd daemon such as vsftpd in order to connect via FTP.

    This might be of good use to you:

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    It sounds like a whole lot less work to just get a better internet service provider.
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    It sounds like he created an account with the home dir as / which is a bad idea even if it's not a shared environment, it gets worse when he enables FTP and read/write access for said account to /.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MXV-CPence View Post
    You are going to need an FTPd daemon such as vsftpd in order to connect via FTP.

    This might be of good use to you:

    what is this supposed to do mate?
    seems too much complicated.
    also when im clicking to download this CentOS i see this many kind of files

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