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    Hmmmm looks like my previous post got corrupted or something... ok I will write it again

    This post is mainly adressed to web host out there reading messages from this board.

    I noticed that many people are quite desesperate to make new clients and will jump on anyone a bit desesperate and offer their services. In my point of view, this is totally the wrong place to do so. Of course, you _may_ end up with a new client but you may as well just make a fool of yourself.

    In my opinion, it is right to give out your company information when someone is specifically asking for web hosting deals. I don't think that someone complaining about another webhost really want to see your bad advertising (spam) when they are discussing another matter.

    There is boards specifically designed for advertising, and this one isn't. Of course, I am not the best person to talk about this as I am myself working for a web hosting company. However, I do beleive that unwanted spam is just the way to go to get flamed, look like a fool or have people turn off your site. Plus the fact it is totally not a professional behavior.

    Of course, this is only my point of view, and you may disagree with it. Feel free to post replies to this message if you feel that your *cough* "informational advertising" is good... :p

    I know this message is off topic, but I felt this had to be said. This will only make the boards better and less cluttered with worthless messages. (like this one!)

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    Hehe. Totally agree Felix. Unfortunately you yourself have been not without blame (hehe ) but you've learnt quickly!!

    Problem is, there is an extremely fine line which hosts have (accidentally or deliberately) stepped over in terms of web hosting offers. Unfortunately some of these hosts don't know any better.

    Allow me to say the following though. There is a forum specifically for posting offers of web hosting of ANY KIND. Go back to and choose on the 'Special Offers' forum, and place your offer there.

    Don't try to sneakily put it in the body of your message, because that's what us regulars really hate (and as a consequence, our opinion of that host diminishes).

    Take for example, Optimal Servers. Note that I have absolutely nothing against them, but this is what I've observed. In the ICOM topic, they may be trying to help the people out -

    You may want to look at our service, we have a plan that is cheaper, and offers more space than the package, feel free to email us with any questions.
    Unfortunately in this case they've stepped over that thin line. The original poster may be interested, but virtually everyone else is not. It's also a Netiquette rule of Usenet (newsgroups) and message boards that you don't put your offers in the main text. Put it in the signature and respect the rules.

    Even though Sean from Burstnet has unfortunately copped a lot in recent weeks, his signature is the perfect example.

    To place an order, or for more info, contact;
    BurstNET Technologies, Inc.®
    1-877-BURSTNET - (570) 389-1100
    [email protected] ---
    P.O. Box #400 Bloomsburg, Pa 17815-0400 USA
    The Best Value For Your Dollar On The Net!
    Now that's better.

    It's a thin line, but web hosters, if you want to attract customers, then don't try and post offers in your msg - put it in the sig, give a good representation of yourselves in tech support, questions, et. al., and you'll have a better chance of getting customers.

    In short, be courteous to others, and know Netiquette please!

    And now I shall shut up before I take up more valuable real estate......

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    That's Ironic Felix, I wish to point out that most of your post say little more than check out or services.

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    I know, I noticed I was doing this and I didn't like it, so I thought I would share my opinion of (myself included) other hosts around.

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