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    Unhappy DNS Problem - Urgent Help Needed

    I had recently registered my domain and I am hosting the site on bowenhost. The problem is, the site loads up for me and the people on USA (Thats not where I belong). But it doesn't show up on other computer's on my own country.

    I tried checking the site on other web site monitoring sites like downornot, downformeoreveryoneorjustme, just-ping and every site shows that its down.
    Finally, I came to know about a site which generates DNS report about a domain. So, here's the report : tinyurl . com/dnsreport2
    [Please remove the space. The forum won't let me post links, but the report is necessary to figure out the problem.Sry]

    I'm sure that I have entered the nameservers correctly. I have tried flusing DNS and everything. Its not working.
    What shall I do now? Erm, I heard from someone that changing the TTL to 30 minutes will fix the problem in 2 days. I'm not sure. And I don't even know how to change it. (Its on cPanel's advance zone edit, but I don't know what shall I enter). I'm looking for serious help. If anyone has any idea, then please do help.

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    I think it is "DNS servers responded" problem. So contact with your hosting company regarding this issue.

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    Sometimes domain name system update takes 3 days. So maybe you can worth little bit?

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    Have you tried to dig your Domain, if yes, what came out?

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    If your domain is the one in the report, then it shows fine on my end (Indonesia).

    However, the IP addresses of your name servers in the report are 173.x.x.x while nslookup results on my end are 69.x.x.x.

    Did your host change the IPs recently ?

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