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    Can this be achieved through Squid?


    I want to run a reverse proxy using Squid. However, my usage will be different than typical reverse proxy.

    Instead of trying to protect the web server from users, I will try to protect users from a particular "evil" domain. (see attachment)

    I want every connection of the users to be proxied including 80, 8080, 1935, 443, and other ports. Is this achievable using Squid? How many co-current connection can I support using a dual core Xenon, 8gb ram server?
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    Yes with a combination of iptables and squid.

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    I think it supports 100mbps network connection

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    I don't see why you need to "reverse" squid as it should do what you require without reversing it.

    You will however have issues differentiating which websites are directed to the proxy, you will need to configure IPtables on the client to direct your "evil" domain towards your proxy.

    I'm guessing you are just trying to mask yourself? A VPN tunnel to your server would be easier because you only need to add static routes to direct requests to the evil domain down the tunnel.
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